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  1. Boag

    Shadow and Bone

    I have never heard of the books. Watch the whole season and have to agree for the most part with Pas, it was a decent watch. The writer that adapted the books for the show should be shot thou. I give the cast a little more credit since most are unknowns. I can imagine the books are much better.
  2. Well either Dallas's scouts know something no one else on the planet does or Jerry Jones is totally gone. Picked a guy in 3rd round that everyone else says is a UDFA.
  3. Well first round is done... Who's happy??? The one player I least wanted the Boy's to draft they go and draft. Yea he has lots of physical upside but very little experience or instinct. Doesn't matter how fast he is if he goes the wrong way.
  4. Don't you just love the ghost hums.
  5. The kids don't run the Rift on the pc but I wanted to see how the hub handled it. Hmmm.. They have not used the Rift in a few weeks I may have to spend some time with it.
  6. Boag

    The Nevers

    Yes, I have enjoyed it too. I like that it has so many plot twists in just the first 2 episodes.
  7. Nice front line, although not sure Malik Jackson is worth it. He couldn't make the Dallas line and ours is terrible. Draft is up next.........
  8. That is true, studs and bars are not normally spaced the same, some older homes can even have 14" or 12" spacing. But instead of extra blocking I just get a bar that is longer than the space and cut it down so it hits the studs. Much easier to cut the bar, although metal ones take a bit more work than wood.
  9. I think I have more restrictions on them then the government. Dunnar just make sure to hit studs in the wall with some 2" screws and you should be fine, I had the same problem.
  10. Weather here lately is either all day rain or all day sun. Have to work but may try and grill after depending on the weather. And find something to get the kids off the computers.
  11. Also I ran the Oculus Rift 2 connectivity test on it and it passed that with just a small drop off from the pc USB port.
  12. I purchased one of these IOGEAR - Met(AL) 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub from Best Buy. It is only 4 port but I have gotten good speed from it with HDD. And no issues with my mouse or keyboard. Have the non-powered version on my son's pc.
  13. Boag

    Godzilla vs. Kong

    Pacific Rim is worth a watch, just re-watched it with the kids. They both enjoyed it (young kids like big robots vs monsters). IMO it is better than the latest Wonder Woman.
  14. Boag

    New on Steam

    This is great if it works........ "Steam offers thousands of games you can share with friends and family to play together online. Jump into any of your own Remote Play Together games with local multiplayer support. Then, grab a link to your game from the Friends list, send it to anyone however you like, and you'll be playing together in no time. Yes a link! New to the thousands of Remote Play Together titles on Steam, you can now invite anyone to join your local multiplayer game with just a URL! Up to four players, or even more in ideal conditions, can instantly join in the fun. Only the host needs to own and install the game, while additional players connect through Steam Remote Play streaming technology using either Steam or the Steam Link app. No account is needed to join your game from Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS or Android devices. Save the date for March 25th at 10am Pacific, when we’ll celebrate the new Invite Anyone capability with a big Remote Play Together Sale & Streaming Event, featuring hundreds of discounts through Monday March 29th at 10am Pacific. Plus join us for a livestreaming marathon to witness Remote Play Together in action—and even join our games in progress—when we share links in chat on Steam, YouTube, and Twitch." Like that only the host needs to own and have the game installed.
  15. Boag

    So.... how we been?

    Getting by while trying to keep the kids from driving me crazy with home school.
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