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  1. I started training him last year. He had a good growth spurt over the winter so this year has been all him. He will be learning how to use the edger soon. I use extra computer time to motivate.
  2. Boag


    Trying not to get excited about the movie since I know it won't be as good as the book but hope it is at least decent. Herbert is right there with Tolkien if not better, imo. And yes the books are a good read, even the more recent ones written by his son that keep fleshing out the Dune universe.
  3. I have had an electric (corded) mower for about 8 years now switch soon after they started putting ethanol in most of the gas around here. Got tired of having to rebuild the carb every year due to the sugar. My yard is not the size of Jag, say 75x40 front and the back 75x60. Just bought a new one and got another corded one. My son said to save the money and not worry about getting a battery powered one. Figured get the one he wanted since he is the one using it. Child labor FTW. Pas you don't have Fin cutting yours?
  4. Boag


    In the past month 2 people were I work have died, both were under 50. And last week a friend from high school pasted. The hospitals here are still full.
  5. Hibs are dirty tree huggers, obviously. Mid's rule !!!!!!!! And Welcome aboard.
  6. Boag


    Strange that the percent hospitalized is so varied. Here I am getting the info from friends on the frontline. The hospitalized are 85-89% unvaccinated. The local news are saying over 92% unvaccinated, now that difference could be they are including more hospitals since I only have friends at 3 local ones. Agree with Pasanda, wearing a mask is to stop giving it to other since you can be contagious for several days before you even know it. So I when see people not wearing a mask I think what a selfish prick, how many people are you going to spread it to and kill because you have it and aren't at least trying to keep from spreading it.....Granted not everyone has it but with it's incubation/contagious time you can't be sure you don't have it. Business vs government vaccination requirement is a big difference. Since someone else can open a competing business and not require the vaccine to enter, capitalism at work. That is why I don't mind a business owner requiring it to enter. And while I don't have any data, I am going just by what I have seen here locally were less than 35% are vaccinated, the people most likely to wear a mask are also the ones that are vaccinated. So while yes media can say that the vaccinated people are super spreaders, masks do a lot to stop it and most people who care enough to be vaccinated are also wearing masks. Heck there are several people I work with that are double masking, they are all vaccinated too.
  7. Boag


    Where I live the percent of people vaccinated is just in the low 30's. Over 85 percent of the people in the hospitals here are unvaccinated and the hospitals are full, to the point that they are giving the less critical oxygen and sending them home. So far in the family just my brother and 2 nephews have had it. they were luck and didn't have to go to the hospital. I wear a mask outside of the house even when not required since it doesn't hurt me and I figure every little bit helps. I have had 2 of the Pfizer in March and the wife has had 2 Moderna in May. Personally while I don't like the idea of the government forcing people I don't mind the idea of business requiring it of the people who can in order to protect the young ones who can't get vaccinated and help out the hospitals with over crowding. Also I hear a lot that it doesn't effect young kids but here locally there have been several deaths and hospitalizations of kids under 12, another reason for those that can to get vaccinated. I kept my kids out of school last year but their grades suffered so I have put them back in this year. The school year is less than 4 weeks in and they have had to close 3 schools due to out breaks. I agree with Jag in that I believe it is here to stay like the flu.
  8. I used to read a lot back in school (starting in 4th grade) but burned out in College. But when I do read it's about 300 pages a day or the complete book, unless there are interruptions. I am really bad about not putting a book down once I start, and if it is a series . The school librarian in Jr. High told me one day, after about two weeks of checking a book in and new one out everyday while on lunch break, that I could keep the books longer than a day and finish them. I was finishing them.
  9. What kind of wildlife are you expecting to use the tub?
  10. Boag

    Shadow and Bone

    I have never heard of the books. Watch the whole season and have to agree for the most part with Pas, it was a decent watch. The writer that adapted the books for the show should be shot thou. I give the cast a little more credit since most are unknowns. I can imagine the books are much better.
  11. Well either Dallas's scouts know something no one else on the planet does or Jerry Jones is totally gone. Picked a guy in 3rd round that everyone else says is a UDFA.
  12. Well first round is done... Who's happy??? The one player I least wanted the Boy's to draft they go and draft. Yea he has lots of physical upside but very little experience or instinct. Doesn't matter how fast he is if he goes the wrong way.
  13. Don't you just love the ghost hums.
  14. The kids don't run the Rift on the pc but I wanted to see how the hub handled it. Hmmm.. They have not used the Rift in a few weeks I may have to spend some time with it.
  15. Boag

    The Nevers

    Yes, I have enjoyed it too. I like that it has so many plot twists in just the first 2 episodes.
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