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  1. I had a lot of fun, especially since it was the first prerelease where someone came with me. Building my deck felt kinda painful, I was a bit rushed at the end since I couldn't decide which filler to finish off the deck. Definitely didn't feel good about since I didn't really have any bomb creatures or a good amount of removal. But cycling is awesome and having several fliers flew me to a 3-1. I think the set will end up being viewed as great in the end. You're rewarded by an extra level of decision making. There are many creatures that will be all-stars in limited, being very powerful stat/ability wise for the CMC with a downside that could even be turned into upside.
  2. Does anybody here closely follow the Magic stories as they are posted? It would be really cool to have a "cliff notes" of sorts posted on the forums here as they come out.
  3. How do you automate your posts? It'd be a lot easier if it was automatic of course :-P
  4. I don't love the Invocations but I'm at the very least glad to see WotC try something different. The Masterpiece slot seems like the perfect place to experiment. If most people dislike them then their desirability will push their price down, eating less out of the normal set's EV. The EV of most pulls will be somewhere between before Expeditions/Inventions and where we are now. With that being said, I certainly wasn't opposed to overall cheaper Standard cards. Embalm is going to provide a real value-oriented Limited for sure, assuming it is sprinkled among enough commons. Excited to see, if any, some rares with lower-cost Embalm and great ETB effects. Also, if we're going to see these good graveyard mechanics, will we finally see some playable graveyard hate again?
  5. Oh man that would've been extra frustrating, especially if it was after release itself. Should give credit to the reseller I preordered from, Card Titan on eBay. They had a great preorder price, kept their preorder promise, and shipped on release day. I should have received the boxes yesterday but USPS misrouted the shipment, got to the local hub but sent to the wrong post office of all things.
  6. thirstydogmtg


    Have been in a campaign with friends/coworkers in what seems like forever because we don't have sessions often. We moved to Roll20 and while RPing in person is almost always better, Roll20 has been an excellent solution to the problem of people having different travel times after work. The recently-announced D&D Beyond digital toolset should be a welcome addition to help those who get together in person.
  7. I have been playing in MTGO constructed open play with an Elves decklist inspired by ones I found on tappedout. I had a strange random itch to play with Nissa Revane so she is definitely a core part of the deck. With that being said, she likely bogs down the deck so while not the most optimized, constantly churning out Nissa's Chosen can end up being powerful - not to mention if lucky enough to ult. game over with Shaman of the Pack. Have any of you guys tried an Elves-based Modern deck and if so, how much success did you have with it? Here is the decklist I've been toying with. I'd love a playset of CoCo but wanted to hold off based on its current cost. Suggestions are welcome of course, especially sideboard as it is likely missing key pieces I should have that I'm not aware of. Main: 4x Blooming Marsh 2x Ghost Quarter 2x Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx 1x Swamp 11x Forst 4x Elvish Mystic 4x Llanowar Elves 3x Elvish Visionary 4x Nissa's Chosen 4x Abrupt Decay 2x Imperious Perfect 4x Elvish Archdruid 2x Elvish Champion 3x Ezuri, Renegade Leader 3x Shaman of the Pack 2x Elvish Piper 2x Nissa Revane 1x Craterhoof Behemoth 2x Chord of Calling Side: 2x Nature's Claim 1x Gaea's Herald 1x Melira, Sylvok Outcast 1x Tajuru Preserver 2x Thornweald Archer 3x Beast Within 1x Reclamation Sage 1x Wild Defiance 1x Leyline of Vitality 2x Pithing Needle
  8. I opened a box that actually seemed about average value even though all I've seen so far from other YouTubers are huge booms or busts. A couple fetches, a Snap, Damnation being the main highlights that I can recall. Bought some packs for limited with friends and played some Naya token beatdowns, was pretty fun. Had a Bonfire - sucks for value but was devastatingly awesome in play. Also pulled a foil Resto which was pretty sweet. Have a few more boxes incoming to play with friends and record some more for fun.
  9. Well I can't put a numerical value on their disappointment but I've seen/heard enough. People can rightly be sad buying playsets for of a card for X and a few weeks later be virtually worthless at X/10.
  10. I removed my post about it. :-p Pretty crazy card. Card templating is pretty bad but can make sense if you lay your graveyard out hiding top halves.
  11. Comes from their market research but for some strange reason, they are often too secretive about their methods. Those who are vocal often oppose the views that WotC says come from their research.
  12. Most definitely. I'm willing to try out silly, semi-effective decks like these online though for funsies especially when they cost very little.
  13. Very cool deck concept. I see the deck that actually won is pretty different - 4 copies of Treasure Hunt, haha! Might have to try it out.
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