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  1. Updated with Volrath, Volrath Part 2, Syr Konrad, and Grumgully
  2. Way back when I made a casual angel deck because I had a lot of excess angels. It was Bant, but I'm sure you could just do GW. It was pretty aggressive for just a pile of bulk angels. Just get early ramp and drop bombs. I know some prime pieces of my deck were Illusory Angels, and Angelic Skirmishers. Stoic Angel was also in there and combo'd with the Skirmisher giving all your creatures Vigilance.
  3. Updated with Mycosynth Lattice and Guildmage combos
  4. Here is one of my favorite decks I own, a RB group slug enchantment deck! Enjoy!
  5. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/closer-look-stained-glass-planeswalkers-2019-03-08 There will be 36 planeswalkers in WAR and each pack will have one, similar to legendaries in Dominaria. No word on rarities or if they are double-faced cards, but theres gonna have to be some at uncommon you would think? What do you guys think? I'm kind of iffy on it.
  6. Thanks Lasraik, but I don't think your a dunce haha I've updated it to include the newest Episode, Prime Speaker Vannifar from Ravnica Allegiance.
  7. Here are all the Combo Breakdown Episodes, I will update this page as they come out! Enjoy! Grumgully, The Generous Syr Konrad, The Grim Volrath, the Shapestealer PART 2 Volrath, the Shapestealer Ral, Storm Conduit Urza, Lord High Artificer Mycosynth Lattice Guildmages Prime Speaker Vannifar Felidar Guardian Spike Feeder Dualcaster Mage Mikaeus, The Unhallowed Devoted Druid Niv-Mizzet, Parun
  8. So would Teysa cause a dying creature's effect to trigger twice or just other permanents. To me it reads that it wouldn't double up death triggers on the dying creature, because that creature would be in the graveyard already. Also it doesn't say creatures you control which if solid. This whole set is great, I love the new weird directions some of the cards are going. I'm also really impressed with the uncommons.
  9. Hi all, and welcome to the deck I worked on for 2 years. It went through many, many iterations, but here it is now. All I really wanted to do was pull off the Fertilid + Ob Nixilis Combo, but I needed other ways to win so now its a prison deck. Enjoy!
  10. The only ability that really hits home with me is the Riot ability, which is kind of surprising because I thought Gruul would get some bland ability...
  11. EDH is a well-played format, that has recently been a strong dictator of prices. Kozilek and Ulamog are $37 and $26 respectively, that can be slotted into any EDH deck, or add a nice money card to a trade binder. I don't think any one will be mad at packing one of these. My top 5 is basically the same as everyone else: 5. Lower Price: I think this goes back to all Masters sets, if all the others were ~$7 a pack, and this big fancy one was $12 then it might be acceptable. 4. Larger print run: My LGS doesn't even think they'll be able to sell loose packs, they might only be bringing in enough to fill box pre-orders. 3. No booster box toppers. I think its a dumb idea that just make the rich get richer. 2. Stick to original rarities for Money rares and mythics. I think Mythics should be allotted to Planeswalkers and Legendaries for this set. Tarmogoyf and Snapcaster could have been rares. This would have allowed Mox Opal a slot. 1. CARDS PEOPLE ACTUALLY PLAY. If you want to make this draft able, add that shit to the commons: Signets, Guild Lands, whatever, but them at common. Uncommons should be PLAYED pricey cards: Finks, Path, Bolt, Eternal Witness, Inquisition, Manamorphose, Serum Visions, Ironworks, etc. If this is their goodbye to masters sets, then it better fucking look like one.
  12. The first one came out before I started playing, and Return happened during my break. So this is my first Ravnica set to play in. Honestly I wasn't that hyped, maybe it was because I didn't have the nostalgia of the other two?
  13. This video explains why the axing of Apu is a terrible idea. Its long, but worth the watch in my opinion. A lot of the info about Apu is stuff the any regular Simpson fan probably knew already. He is educated, hard working, kind, charming, etc. But also shows a range of emotions: anger, lust, regret, fear. He is a well rounded character that is literally being boiled down to just an accent. Its insulting to the show, the character, and Indians in general. The truth is, if you are Indian and were called Apu growing up, it is probably because he was the ONLY well known Indian character on Western Television. It is an interesting argument, and one that can set a bad precedent, especially given the other racial/geographical stereotypes on the show.
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