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  1. We're on our hols. In a coastal village called Newport in Pembrokeshire. Very pretty and just a few 100m from the sea. We went with another family and their 2 boys. Lot's of crabbing and snorkeling. Also Reading a book of short stories called State of the Art by Ian M Banks. It's not great. Signed my son and I up yesterday to get certified in Open Water Scuba diving over the next month. Excited for that.
  2. Pasanda


    It does. I'm guessing they spent a buck or two on it too. My cynics buzzer it going off in my head on two counts. 1. I hope Zendaya is more than a mono-nomic face, and can actually act. Sean Young was fairly cool in an enigmatic way in the predecessor, and i've never seen Zendaya in a serious acting role. 2. I hope, hope, hope they spent their money on excellent film makers and not just the (amazing-looking) fx.
  3. Sure thing. Adjusted to 18:00 local, back from 20:00 local. We need to keep it to 1 hour, looking at the other commitments. It's going to be a busy afternoon for some!!!
  4. Pasanda


    Just to note that i finished the game this week. Probably better than i thought it would be. Akin to my experiences with cyberpunk, it started to feel like their was months of game play building up with dozens of unfinished quests in my log, then all of a sudden the main arc forced itsefl upon me and i had to complete it. The ending a bit flat but, more than anything else, the end-game undermined the main point of the game itself. Your main aim in the game was to build up enough alliance forces to take on the baddies - and a heck of a lot of the game mechanics were put into both managing relationships and the alliance fleet numbers. The end game did not use these achievement AT ALL. It felt like most of the game had no impact in how it ended. And... no blue boobies. WTF!!
  5. Interesting tech. The mouse pads undermine my rant about no mouse control on consoles. But as a self confessed immersion and gfx whore, this would not work for me. I could see my son asking for one in the future. Thanks for sharing
  6. Can i suggest 22nd August? I'm on holiday for a week before and after, but we're not currently planning to go anywhere. It's a risk, but both the Sunday after and the Sunday 2 weeks before are no less of a risk (lots of hols in August woo hoo). How does that sound to you all?
  7. Read them many years ago (when there only 3 if i recall). Definitely going to watch this. That cover with the large and small horse is indelibly etched onto my early-20's brain.
  8. @Jolien Reads It might be that i don't fully get timezones, but i think Belgium might be 9pm, when it's 8pm in London. Possible because i said GMT, when i maybe should have said BST. Worth double-checking though. Bloody farmers and their daylight savings!!!!
  9. Pasanda

    The Witcher

    Fully agree with that. You can start with TW3; you don't need TW1 & 2 at all (and they aren't anywhere near as good). Also, the two expansions, Blood and Wine and Heart of Stone are also very good, and Blood and Wine provide a true ending to the Trilogy and a fabulous ending in its own right.
  10. Thanks. How does Sunday 15th August at 8PM GMT sound? That's 4PM EDT. I have a feeling this forum software does the zone conversion for you. Before we book the date, can folks check if the film Nobody is available to you, wherever you are? From what i can see it's only on cinema release in the UK. Which is fine for me, as i've seen it. But may be restrictive to others.
  11. No worries. Lots of time off work in August. I mgiht make it an hour or so earlier, selfishly!!! I hope that works for others. I don't have a channel and have not hosted before. Can i steal someone else?
  12. Pasanda

    The Witcher

    If it helps, the games are great, and TW3 is one of the greatest games of all time. (YMMV to quote Elovia...)
  13. Welcome to the forum Lana.
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