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  1. Fabulous post Elovia. Both heartfelt, relevant to me, and entertaining. I can't and won't even try to emulate it. So i will just say my most prominent (right now) left-behinds. I tend to go with my overriding emotions with games and don't try to second guess myself - If i liked it enough, i'd be back. Mass Effect Legendary. My graphics-whore needs are slightly lower than my inability to replay games. I hadn't realised i'd already played all 3 before re-acquiring them, and convinced myself that the new 'prettiness' alone would be enough. It wasn't. Metro Exodus. Hit a point where i could not launch a rowing boat near the church, and couldn't bring myself to restart the level, not knowing whether the game killing bug would repeat. many searches yielded nothing. Dark Age of Camelot. I also spent a small fortune on this game for what? 3-4 years. But i don't regret a penny. The fun i had while playing and the friends i've made since, justify every bit of it. I've always thought gaming is a very cheap hobby when you love a game. Star Trek Online: In contrast to DAOC, the investment in money and time didn't pay off, with incredibly repetitive gameplay, and no social scene that i didn't bring with me.
  2. That video just made me realise how little i know about film-making.
  3. Gotta be one of the most hyped films of the year so far. That alone makes me wary.
  4. Green knight appeals to me. Also made me aware of the remake of Dune. I predict either Amazing or crap. There is no in between.
  5. Bear sized Ducks for 2 reasons: 1. Ducks are vegetarian. No matter what size. 2. Remember those tiny dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? If there's enough of them, it doesn't matter how small they are.
  6. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    It's a good sign. But you erstwhile obsessive capacity does not guarantee it Admittedly, 162+ hours is rather a lot, and does at least constitute Value For Money.
  7. For what it's worth. My notes. Sorry I couldn't share them directly. Also... Probably rubbish to read with my interpretation. S03 Holmes vetting the guests. Old flames and page boys. Beheading... Lovely little village.. So funny. Really not coping at all well with the wedding. Any aspect of it. The worst scenario imaginable for a sociopath. The speech was lovely Interest g the the Loads of cases that weren't covered by the main story Good interpretation of the conversation with 5 women. Using the courtroom scene. The whole pregnancy thing was incredibly touching. Moving and human. Sherlock showed genuine emotion. Writing through quite cloudy eyes. What did you think of sherlock relationships with Janine. Convinci g? Magnusson vs Rupert murdoch? Media mogul who using his knowledge to manipulate powerful people. The whole sherlock shot dead scene took ages to finish Mary's role was very uncomfortable and very unexpected. Mycroft to sherlock . Your loss would break my heart. Found the toi g and froi g of relationships between Holmes Watson and wife quite confusi g1 E04. Love what they did with Molly Would it have worked if they'd all been set in Victorian times? ,impressed with the production values of the street scenes in victorian Baker Street. Some of the London skyline scenes were a bit sketchy though. Sherlock looks much better in the Victorian clothing than the modern stuff. They refer refer to the original reichenbach falls The virus in the data??? Victorian mind Palace just bits of newspaper floating past instead of minority report technology Le strade - it's so simple even I could solve it. Hudson - I'm sure he's exaggerating. So funny
  8. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    The most important point. What did you think of the game?
  9. Looking forward to this, after missing the Sunshine discussion.
  10. Pasanda

    UAP (UFO)

    Occam's Razor: Sea Bees.
  11. Enjoyed the discussion very much last night. It was great fun.
  12. I went for a South American shiraz. But have most things, including some incredibly hoppy IPA and a bottle of Jameson daring me to have a snifter. Any of those take your fancy?
  13. Hi all, I'm getting confused by timezones. The episode 1 review noted the time zone when it gave the time for the stream, and I can't tell if this one is doing the translation to my tz or not. It's showing for me as 9.00pm, which is the same as the last stream. Can Las or someone please confirm?
  14. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Well written. Very entertaining. On reflection, i think i might have started FW before i did the main plot end-game. Not sure if that might have had an impact on suit wearability. Yeah it was the Demonic Scorcher who gave me a really hard time. It was about this time that i began to realise the importance of resistances. Yes, most of the way through the game. I just took him head on, and it took several attempts and kiting that suit. There are tougher mobs later that i don't think you get a chance to hide from. So get yer battle tactics (as opposed to run and hide tactics) sorted now. Of course, kite and recharge is perfectly manly.
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