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  1. It doesn't take much for me to get overexcited about a Bethesda game.
  2. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    Any updates. Gamers need to know. If you've kept up the same pace, i suspect you must be nearing the end of the first game, and possibly even forayed into Frozen Wilds? Uber armour acquired?
  3. My old-age cynicism tells me that people will charge the most money they can, as long as people are buying. It's not always true (see ethical breeder comment above), but it makes me extraordinarily happy when they do not. Also, it keeps my cynically optimistic (see Sig).
  4. That's my top vote so far (aside from my own ), in that it's in my list of must rewatch. I saw it when it first came out on low res, low audio. I made a point of rewatching it again when i had access to a better quality print, which i do.
  5. Still working my way through Shadow and Bone, Also, The Nevers, Jupiter's Legacy, Star Wars - The Bad Batch, and Season 2 of Love Death and Robots.
  6. Can you get BBC iPlayer? If not, grab a free VPN and nip across to the UK, then use iPlayer there. All seasons and episodes are up for free.
  7. I'll go with whatever you all think.
  8. Only just seen this post. I watched Lupin around 5 months ago. It kept me coming back until the end, and i'd make a point of watching the next season too. It was a very sudden ending to the season - i was convinced there must be one more.... But, alas. I understand the subject matter is of cult status in France.
  9. Not seen that. So works for me.
  10. Sorry if it's a silly question, but how do i join you tomorrow?
  11. Took a couple of hours, but managed to repair them. So weekend looking better.
  12. They were up 2 weeks and someone in my house thought it would be a good idea to add tie backs (ropes that keep them tied open) and not tell my son. Who shortly after tried to shut them. The motor now grinds and nothing happens. They were expensive, but it was the 10-20 hours of effort and thought getting them up that really pisses me off.
  13. Hoping to join Las on Sunday with Sherlock. I have half of E03 to watch. Going to look at the problem with the Smart curtains. Depressing to even mention it. Literally no other plans. Which will hopefully mean a bit of gaming, watching films, or maybe cooking up something nice. I have a Teriyaki marinade that's calling out for some attention.
  14. I'd probably go with Nobody. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7888964/ It's on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, and Google Play.
  15. I don't remember if i had one, and it seems the only way to find out is to DL the game client and try to log in. Too much of a faff IMO. I tried it a few years ago, when they had a big push for returning players, but it didn't stick. Sorry for kicking an old post.
  16. Pasanda

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    He really is. He normally plays goodie roles, so it's nice for a change.
  17. I have access to most things.
  18. I'm the same. I hate presenting or putting myself forward. How about we give our thoughts to Las and he does it all
  19. It's a great idea, that i would support. But i totally get that, for live discussions at least, timezones will make if tough for all of us. And that's to be expected.
  20. Hi both. Welcome. Don't forget to look into the other non-book channels too!!
  21. It's not about getting free copies, it's about whether there is a link between giving good reviews and then getting free copies (or not getting free copies if you give bad reviews). If that happened, i would not trust it.
  22. The first series is exceptional. Goes downhill after that, but quite slowly. Really good cast in S02, but not enough. I hear they're working on an S04
  23. It's a good IP and was a great game. I can't help being a touch cynical these days. But it's better news than NOT remaking KOTOR. Did you play Fallen Order? Pretty good SW game IMO. Even felt a little like KOTOR. I've never dug deep, but i reckon they used the same engine as the recent Tomb Raider trilogy. Capable of pretty things. The opening 15 mins or so in the junk yard, was some of the best fun in gaming i've had for a long time.
  24. Yes, but I have a feeling that's different. I suspect most of the money made on the game has been from people paying to improve cosmetics. The additional cost to xbox that gives you access to Fortnite, gives you lots of other things too. So it's hard to discern what proportion goes to that one game. My son has spent over £120 on cosmetic changes on Fortnite alone. More than i've spent on any other game, excluding pay monthly MMO's back in the day, and even then, probably only the one game - DAOC. He's only allowed to spend money he's made through chores on it. No savings.
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