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  1. I'm open for anything! My nomination: Sunshine. But I have no idea if it is easily available for all of you. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0448134/
  2. I'm like you Lezlie, I love discord I'm in way too many different ones, so it's sometimes hard to keep track of them all, but I like the format a lot! Forums as well, I don't have a clear preference for one or the other tbh.
  3. Hah, understandable, I think I have a similar amount at this point, but at least I've already read Blood Song before So, seems it's going to be us, @Lasraik and @EpicTalez If you're both still up for it at least, don't feel pressured. I'm going to announce it on my channel somewhere next week, so by then I'd like to know Who wants to do which liveshow? I don't have a preference.
  4. I'm filming a vlog and doing some Spring cleaning around the house, the husband is tackling the yard. Besides that I hope to film and edit my review for First Law to have it on the channel tomorrow evening. If the weather stays nice, I'll go for a long walk with the dogs, the eldest turned 3 today so my husband went on a drive with him (he loves sitting in the car, we don't know why ).
  5. Luckily in Belgium, the 'good' breeders don't overcharge, prices are somewhat the same as before (1000-1500 euros for a puppy), but the puppymills are increasing their price to absurd amounts. At this point you're paying more for a dog like that compared to one with a pedigree. Unfortunately the good breeders have insane waiting lists (waiting 2+year for a puppy for most breeds) I don't care about the pedigree that much to be honest, but here you either choose one with a pedigree, or you get one from a puppymill. Almost no in between... (Or ofcourse shelter, but I've never seen pups there and with the dogs we currently have, I don't want to risk bringing an adult dog in the mix. My dogs can be assholes around adult dogs they don't know...)
  6. That looks delicious! I should really start reducing my carb intake. I don't think I'll want to go keto (also don't know if I'm allowed, I've had some damage in the past because I suffered from ketoacidosis when I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes) but having a limited amount of carbs (let's say max 100grams a day) would definitely be beneficial for my health. Unfortunately I'm really lazy and often just eat takeaway but something has got to change. I'll check this topic once in a while to see if you have sugar-free recipes that I can easily use!
  7. Oh no, completely missed that! Hey, I'm happy just talking on someone elses channel, I don't need to have one on mine!
  8. Hi everyone! I created events for our meetup to talk about the Raven's Shadow trilogy: As you can see, one book per month, starting with Blood Song in June. At the moment @Lasraik, @EpicTalez and I will each host one meetup on our channel. I will make the announcement on my channel somewhere next week, but this way anyone here already knows and can make their TBR for the next couple of months if they want to join!
  9. We'll be discussing the last book in the Raven's Shadow trilogy by Anthony Ryan: Queen of Fire, and our overall thoughts on the trilogy TBA in which channel this will take place
  10. We'll be discussing the second book in the Raven's Shadow trilogy by Anthony Ryan: Tower Lord TBA in which channel this will take place
  11. We'll be discussing the first book in the Raven's Shadow trilogy by Anthony Ryan: Blood Song TBA in which channel this will take place
  12. I only have Netflix, but I have... Other ways I could get a movie. I think what is available on my Netflix is different than what is available on the US one anyway unfortunately.
  13. Finished the first 4 chapters of Malice! I'm really liking it so far
  14. Nice! I look forward to your video! I'm finding it hard lately to find movies that interest me, but knowing that there'll be a discussion afterwards would increase my investment in any movie.
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