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    Reading adult fantasy, updating my booktube channel, playing boardgames, and walking/playing with my dogs.

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  1. I only read the introduction and the first chapter... So far not really liking it but I think this is one I need to get into because it's so different from what I normally read. But yes, it's dense! Although I think it varies greatly throughout the book. There are sections that look like I will fly through it and then others that are packed from top to bottom with small text.
  2. I'm having dinner at my parents at that time, but I'll watch afterwards! Great book
  3. I can't promise I'll be able to make the discussion, but if possible I'm in!
  4. I mean……………… technically you could skip the footnotes but the whole point of the book is that it’s telling two simultaneous stories, one of which is told in the footnotes so 1) you’d be missing about half the book and 2) you’d also be missing a lot of references/mirroring between the two stories which imo is what makes it so interesting <-- her explanation about the footnotes
  5. I haven't started the book yet so I don't know how important they are, but I plan to read everything. I just asked this to someone who already read the book and she's in shock that people skip them so I get the feeling that they are very important. She also said you should definitely read the introduction.
  6. I just got my novellas in the mail so I will probably read more than 3 if anyone is interested in more! But they are all fantasy of sci-fi haha.
  7. Sounds good! What would we pick as a 4th genre? My mind stops working after scifi, fantasy, and horror
  8. I have reading sprints this evening, looking forward to that! Tomorrow I need to go to a shop opening of my friend's mom. Sunday we have a walk planned with some friends and our dogs and later that day we have our discussion for Sword of Kaigen. Still have a lot to read by then
  9. Nice! I have access to the ebook then
  10. Looks good, just need to make sure I can get my hands on a copy. Stupid question, but do I need to have a kindle or other type of ereader to buy the e-book? Or can I read it from my computer as well?
  11. Yes, I'm on board if we can do 2 months per book! Especially with other buddy reads it will keep our schedule carefree. I'll at least try Gardens of the Moon and see after that if I want to continue.
  12. Hooray! I'm still free as well!
  13. Happy birthday to Finn! The birthday party sounds awesome My nephew (2y) is coming over this afternoon to play for a couple of hours. After that his brother (5y) is coming over until tomorrow. It's going to be exhausting but I'm looking forward to it! It's morning now so I'm going to try to get some reading done before. Tomorrow I'm going to film and edit one video, read some more, and then discuss Kings of Ash with Steve, Brandie, Ashley, and Stacey (I think that's everyone haha). I'm liking the book so I look forward to the discussion!
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