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  1. Yes I’m pretty sure that’s right. If not we’ll both be hanging out at the wrong time!
  2. Guys I am really struggling with this book I think I’m going to have to dnf it
  3. Yeah I was wondering because it doesn’t say……but it kinda says…..but not really?? Lol
  4. @Jeremy Fee pg 67 at least in my version. This book is a reread for me and the first time I read this (in January) I was reading the first edition. This time around I’m reading the 2003 version. WOW! He put so much foreshadowing that was never brought up in the first. Also the first one was written when he was still a kid. I’m pretty sure he started this before he published Carrie. I think both versions are great but the 2003 is definitely more so written in King fashion. With all that said, I’m easy to please And I LOVE this series.
  5. I worked there for three years and you get used to hearing about the residents passing away. I’m a sensitive person and grew attached to a lot of them. The nurses are usually ones who deal with handsy and abusive residents. My mom has crazy stories with patients she’s had through the years. If anything I learned how to comfort and be there for them. I’ve sat with some near the end and used to visit on my off days. Not the happiest place to work (especially holidays) but overall I have very fond and treasured memories of that place.
  6. My first job was a dietary aide at a nursing home. I used to sneak all the old peeps desserts
  7. IF no one wants to….I’ll host… if you really need someone. This is one of my favorites in the series.
  8. I think it could be beneficial for some. However I believe if you don’t generate any sales for 60 or 90 days the programs “expires” and you have to reapply.
  9. How does reading sprints work? Lol Like are we all just going to start reading together live? Is it a live thing? I’m definitely reading the book in Aug with everyone but if it’s a live show or something I’ll sit it out until discussion time. I just lost my uncle yesterday so my schedule is chaos atm.
  10. Oh no! Steve’s trusty planner is failing him! I spend this morning putting all the dates and times in my planner so I won’t have any excuse if I don’t show up lol
  11. It says 3pm. Is that my time? What’s the time zone?
  12. 1. Yes 2. Yes 3. no what’s it called when you fear no one will show up? I have that fear lol
  13. Wohoo! Lol I don’t know why I find this website so hard to navigate. Is it better on desktop?
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