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  1. Haha! Nesta would fight dirty. Pull his hair and knee him in the fairy jewels. TKO round 1.
  2. halftime show: https://streamyard.com/aehq8qgzfk
  3. Eyes drooping...I am going to get some sleep now, but I got to page 100 (end of Ch 9).
  4. 1 hour to go! I'm going to be in my PJs for this stream. Hope all the haters will be asleep
  5. Readathon Kickoff Event! https://streamyard.com/ydmjsqtfyu
  6. Hi Friends! @BrandieNoel @Raul Reads @Ashley/ReadNowSleepLtr @Jolien Reads This is where we will chat during the readathon. Post your thoughts as you are going along, just remember to put the chapter your on and hide your comment with the spoiler tag. I will also be posting throughout the 24 hour period to keep you motivated. So check in so you don't miss anything. We will have 2 live streams during the readathon. One kickoff at Midnight CDT, and one at noon CDT for our halftime update. Also, I will do some impromptu reading sprints through twitter (not entirely sure how this will work, so let me know if you have ideas). I will also set up a group DM for us there and we can chat about our progress. I am super excited! See you all at kickoff!
  7. @BrandieNoel @Raul Reads @Ashley/ReadNowSleepLtr @Jolien Reads What court do you belong to? Take the quiz: https://www.playbuzz.com/bloomsbury13/which-court-would-you-belong-to
  8. Is everyone ready to start the readathon tonight? I have some games planned to kickoff this event tonight. I hop you all can make it! I'll post the link here in a couple of hours
  9. Not yet lol. I just looked it up and it sounds good!
  10. I will be setting up a kickoff live stream at 12am CST 6/12. We will start by just chatting, but then we will do a chapter reading sprint. Where we all read the same number of chapters and discuss. Let me know how many we should do. I was thinking no more than 30 mins. We will stay on the live stream, but read and then return 30mins later to discuss. I don't want to spoil anything so I want make sure everyone reaches the same stopping point. What do you think? I am also setting up another live stream at noon CST 6/12. This will be an update for the halfway point and more reading sprints. The sprints for this one will not be the same chapters as everyone is likely going to be at a different point in the book. But we can discuss our thoughts so far and how much we read/slept lol This is my first time hosting an event like this, so please feel free to give me ideas. I want this to be fun, I don't want anyone to feel stressed or overwhelmed. No one is expected to stay up all night.
  11. To discuss the movie Doctor Sleep https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5606664/ Please RSVP so we know who will be attending!
  12. @Lasraik Have you been able to confirm this time? It shows are 4pm for me (that's CST)
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