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    Godless Discussion

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    Godless Discussion

    I think it will be ok where it is. But if we run past 11am, I will have to log off
  3. Stacyejaye

    Godless Discussion

    @Lasraik and @BrandieNoel I will not be able to make it to this show. My editor decided to make plans for me without checking. The nerve!
  4. I have seen similar videos. They are fun to watch, you should do it! Even if you can't get to the book this month, you could put it on your TBR for November.
  5. I am excited for October. I am planning to read a lot of horror and dark fantasy. What are you reading? My TBR: Between Two Fires - Christopher Buehlman Dracula - Bram Stoker Kings of Heaven - Richard Nell The Shining - Stephen King The Waste Lands - Stephen King Shade - Chad Nicholas Longreave - Daniel Barnett The Only Good Indians - Stephen Graham Jones Insomnia - Stephen King Dreams of the Dying - Nicolas Lietzau
  6. I forgot about the First Law stand alones. Anyone got a match? I need to burn my TBR list.
  7. These are my priorities as well. I think the best day for the readathon of The Shining is Oct 16th. Every other Saturday we have other live shows.
  8. I saw "adult novels" and I was thinking Brandy Sandy is writing erotica?
  9. Not blasphemy. His books are TOMES and a big commitment. I totally understand. Plus his writing style may not be your cup of tea. Brandon Sanderson is very heavy on worldbuilding and character development, so it takes a LONG time to get to the plot. I think it is hilarious when people say "at least this series isn't as long as Wheel of Time", because it is. Each book is like 3 Wheel of Time books in one. Think about that...
  10. Ok, lets bump TDTD. I am free most Sat and Sun in Oct and Nov. I was supposed to be doing a training for work, but that was postponed until business travel restrictions are lifted.
  11. Yes! I read the first 2 when they first came out, but I wanted to re-read them before I started the other 2. So this is perfect.
  12. @Lasraik Can we move this to Oct 3rd in place of The Dark That Dwells and then move that one to the 10th?
  13. I can. Did we decide if we wanted to move it back a week?
  14. Check the calendar. Lots of great live shows this weekend! Also, at midnight CDT tonight we kicking off our 24-hour read-a-thon of For The Wolf with some reading sprints! https://youtu.be/MrfsquvqHnU
  15. https://streamyard.com/vma6kfdb86
  16. I think we are still planning this buddy read for December with live stream second Sunday of January 2022. Does this work for everyone interested?
  17. That sounds great to me! Sign me up.
  18. I'm fine with the date changes, but fir Sword of Kaigen can we do it earlier. Jolien will be joining for that one.
  19. Yes! My schedule is more open on the 25th. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to go on the 18th.
  20. Reading Sprints on @Jolien Reads channel at 2pm EST! https://youtu.be/TvSpSPddZMc
  21. Stacyejaye


    Wow. Joe Biden just called out the unvaxed. It amazes me that he needs to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated. How are they a threat? Isn't the vaccine supposed to protect you? Now, if you want to argue that getting vaccinated is important to protect those that CANNOT get vaccinated. Well, then I would argue that the vaccinated are just as likely to infect the unvaccinated (if not more likely). So who needs protection? This should not be a political talking point. If people had more faith in big pharma, they wouldn't be hesitant to get vaccinated. That is the real problem, not political alignment. It is a statistical fact that in the US the population with the least number of vaccinated people is minority groups. These are the same minority groups that statistically vote Democratic. Anyway. I am frustrated with the leaders of my country. This is going to back fire. You might get a few more people to vaccinate, but more than likely you are going to make people push back. This will result in a even higher labor shortage in the most vulnerable places like hospitals and schools. What do you all think about this?
  22. What about The Shining since we are reading it for the 24hr Readathon?
  23. I pick Boo! A Medea Halloween
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