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  1. I started Malice today!, really enjoying the first couple of chapters, it started with a very intriguing prologue that I hope to learn more as I read. I am liking the characters, I wish I had such a good friend in my childhood as Corban does. Hopefully they continue to be good friends through out the book. Strong first chapters, looking very promising.
  2. Yes Steve! My address is the same as for Malice!! Thank you so much!! Great birthday present!
  3. I am too late :(! But will be getting this book! You guys have talked such great things about it that I am intrigued!!
  4. Steve, I never look at the analytics jajajaj. I am very lazy but I think it is a good idea to look at them if you want to grow your channel and be monetized fast. For me, I really just want to keep a record of what I read, it is super helpful specially when reading series to go back to my thoughts and listen to my own videos. That is probably why I am not super popular in booktube jajajajaj. I should pay more attention to what people like. From my own videos I have seen people Book hauls, and reviews not necessarily do great at first but over time gain more views. It is funny my most watched videos are reviews of books that are not super popular in my opinion, no spoiler reviews. Every time I have done a spoiler filled review those do not do as well, my guess is people are just looking for recommendations. Probably will do well if it is something with a huge fandom like wheel of time, stormlight archive etc. you are doing great! And I think it is great that you are paying attention to all these things, I should!
  5. Steve!! I got the books yesterday! Thank you so much!! I am so excited! Can’t wait to start!!
  6. I am so excited for this read along! I have been wanting to read this series for a long time! I am sure it would be super fun to read it with you guys! I would like to participate in the giveaway too! Diana
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