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  1. Book Discussion on July 6th *just to be safe @ 3PM CDT
  2. Second installment of my Outlaw Readalongs is Sairō’s Claw by Virginia McClain. start date : June 1st end date : June 22nd I’m going to be doing a raffle for this book If you would like to enter put a down win a free paperback copy! *must be in the U.S raffle will be on May 17th so enter now! Special guest during the discussion is the author
  3. The first installment in my Outlaw Readalongs is Unplugged by J.B. Taylor Be the first to join and win a free copy of the book! *Must be in the U.S to win start date : May 15th end date : June 15th discussion : July 5th @ 3 PM CDT
  4. Hero Forged Discussion date: 6-10th. what day works for you guys?
  5. His Champion Saga is so good! Can’t wait for the third book
  6. Robbie Amell withdrew from the project. Austin Stonewell took over the role.
  7. I feel you. It's hard to maintain too ma.y things in order.
  8. That's honestly why I'm iffy on ditching goodreads. It serves its purpose so I can't complain.
  9. Ahhh that makes sense.
  10. What's wrong with goodreads?
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