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  1. Jag

    Star Wars: Visions

    Ok...ep1 was epic and I loved the style. The rest I did not care for at all. Too bad.
  2. Self isolating is the dream. The older I get and have to work with the public the more I have to try not to hate everyone. No game this week so yard work and a movie. Some tennis and some League of Legends/Vermintide II/NMS and whatever else we fancy.
  3. It goes live on the 28th. I am only playing because everyone else is, but I am not too hyped. We will see how it goes. Even if it's a great game, MMO's just feel like a second job now days. I duno.
  4. Jag

    Star Wars: Visions

    It's dubed with a fantastic cast. I enjoyed it, but I like anime in general.
  5. These are on Disney + so yall may not have access, but I think they are amazing. I don't quite remember how many SW fans we have other then Pas, but these are worth a watch. It's basically Star Wars envisioned in anime with some big studios making short stories. Just the idea of a Sith Ronin had me from the start since I am also a huge anime fan. Anyhow, they are not cannon, but very fun.
  6. Jag


    My friends say it is epic.
  7. Dalton didn't have a single 3 and out before he got hurt. Now it's time for Fields to send the Browns back to the basement where the franchise belongs.
  8. Jag


    You should read the books! Rotten tomatoes critics gave it 90% and it had a strong international release. I am very excited!
  9. The average property size in England is 729 sq ft. In Idaho it's almost 2,000 sq ft. At no point in my life have I used or seen someone using an electric lawnmower, so I just never considered it. No wonder everyone hates Americans!
  10. League of Legends. We have a clash(tournament)team that gets together every other week as we can.
  11. Football, lawn work, and ...in laws... Hopefully some gaming.
  12. Definitely not your kids Leap Frog.
  13. 20% of my lawn. I don't have a better pic for some reason.
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