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  1. League of Legends. We have a clash(tournament)team that gets together every other week as we can.
  2. Football, lawn work, and ...in laws... Hopefully some gaming.
  3. Definitely not your kids Leap Frog.
  4. 20% of my lawn. I don't have a better pic for some reason.
  5. To be fair, I think the Rams looked pretty good. The O wasn't so bad, and I think we can adjust the awful tackling on D. I am not too depressed yet, I am saving some for later.
  6. Yeah. Cords always seemed like a dangerous component to a lawn mower.
  7. Electric Mowers still exist? I suppose they are actually the future. haha Here I am burning down the environment while I mow the lawn.
  8. Jag


    People always want to talk about "I am Legend" when it comes to vaccines, however, I have always thought Aschen approach is a better way to go about it.
  9. Team I coached won their football game, made some progress in NMS, had some good times with the fam, and Covaxin should get WHO approval this week. That means very nice things for OCGN.
  10. All 3 movies were fun, of course the 1st was the best. I think it will be fun. I think I even have the plot figured out. Neo and Trinity went back in, in case the "system" needed them again since he does things they can't. So they feed him the blue pills and he just lives his life, same with Trinity since he is Neo's motivation. A new threat arises and they have to awaken him again, so they get T and are trying to get him back to the one by interacting with everyone he knew. However, M is missing (that's why there is a fake M), I think the real M shows up at some point, but fake M gets him unlocked so he can face the new threat.
  11. Jag


    It's just 100% politics and backdoor Phizer/Moderna agreements. I think people should get vaccinated, but the direction is wrong and amounts to nothing more than grandstanding.
  12. Jag


    It is indeed going crazy. Everyone is talking about the unvaccinated being the problem, but I think that's only to hide that fact the MRNA vaccines they have been pushing aren't that great against mutations. We need Covaxin to get approved IMO. I am glad everyone made it out safe. The vaccine for sure makes it less severe.
  13. After re-watching I am a bit nervous about the series. No clue what the opening scene is with the cliff. What appears to be a post coital scene with Egwene/Rand who never had any sort of physical relationship. The Aes Sedai in colored groups. My excitement has been dampened and I am worried we are getting a teenage drama.
  14. There are no pensions anymore in the US. So if the market crashes so does everyone's 401k. There is always risk in investment. It just needs to be managed as best as possible. From what I have seen, barring a great depression, you can afford the losses, but you can't miss the gains. Because even when things drop they don't seem to drop below the gains. I mostly look for and buy already devalued or undervalued stock then sell options on them from time to time. When you lose that way, you don't really lose money, you lose time, because the time value of stocks is always going up. Every crash ends in a new record high. I also put away a % into volatility stock as a hedge so when the inevitable crashes come there is profit there as well. Risk management is the foundation of the game.
  15. Many times over. I very much enjoy them and would consider myself a WOT lore master. My biggest concern is that it will get the Shainara treatment. What a travesty that was.
  16. I was concerned about how they would handle the OP but I like it. Looks like a ton of foreshadowing. And I always find it interesting how different the interpretations are over my own reading. It looks fun.
  17. Don't you have a 401K? Or some other kind of retirement fund? You are basically paying someone to do something you could do better yourself, because you actually care what happens to it. If ANYONE loses it all then they are doing it wrong, and taking risks that should not be taken. I do some high risk things from time to time, but only with 1-5% of my portfolio and a deep understanding of the risks involved. All I do is look for stocks that I think are undervalued, or may have some kind of catalyst coming. I belong to secret forum on Reddit with a couple very smart people and sometimes I follow those plays. 2 things you can do with little or no risk. 1. paper trade. Download TOS, set up an account and I'll get you started with some stocks or strategies. 2. Once you feel comfortable mechanically or have had some moderate success on the paper trade (fake money real stock market), start with as little of 500 of your own money and play it slow. One of my favorite market related quotes is “The stock market is a device to transfer money from the impatient to the patient.” I got into it because I thought...why am I letting someone else plan my retirement? Why am I paying someone else for 3-5% gains when I can double it just by paying a little bit of attention? It opened up a whole new world of raid bosses that had patterns to discover and defeat. The guy who got me started taught me to play options and I lost. Don't start with options, they are the most advanced and high risk tool there is. Just pick one or two companies you know and buy some of their stock. That's how you start. I would recommend starting with the goal of taking 500$ and turning it into a safety net. Once you have built your own safety net then think about other things. If you can't afford to lose because you have no safety net...what are you going to do about it?
  18. Not for the peewees since it's regulated by an independent organization. But high schools had rules last year. In my neck of the woods, people equate mask wearing with being a terrorist so not so much. Even during the original peak hardly anyone here got sick so it just reinforced their bias. The funniest bit IMO is as part of Covid restrictions at state wrestling was that the wrestlers couldn't shake hands. However, Covid did do something miraculous for high school and lesser known college sports. Every school, every event, everything is streamed now. It's freaking awesome because now we don't miss anything even when we can't make the game or event because it's 6 hours away. They all built the infrastructure to make it happen and it's not going away. My family all over the US and Thailand (did I tell yall I went to Thailand?) can participate in every event now.
  19. Football game in the morning (I coach the kids team), bit of yard-work, bit of fishing, and some Shadow of War I got last week on sale.
  20. I made 2 months worth of wages this morning. It's DEFINITELY worth learning about.
  21. Jag

    Video of the Day

    Didn't seem to help England much...did it?
  22. Jag


    That's a fair point, the Delta seems to spread as well in vaccinated people who acquire it as those who are unvaccinated. I think with most of the vaccines we have around 70-85% who don't aquire or get symptoms, 15-25 or so depending on the vaccine who catch it with mild symptoms or none, and then less than 3-5% who acquire severe covid. So potentially 3 in 10 vaccinated can still be spreading covid. I think the bigger issue is that although masking lowers the contact radius to spread, it doesn't eliminate it unless people are wearing N95 masks. People don't understand their cloth or surgical mask isn't doing anything for them. Especially in crowded areas like public transportation or restaurants. Only N95 rated masks work. Get N95 masks. There are no shortages anymore.
  23. Jag


    Isn't it kind of an oxymoron though? If someone doesn't want to catch covid, they can wear an N95 mask and not care about what anyone else is doing. If vaccinated people aren't worried about catching it should they be overly concerned about being an unknown spreader when the at risk people won't protect themselves? Now if you are sick, that's a different situation, but otherwise I don't see the justification for mask mandates for the vaccinated. EDIT: Fresh off the presses. "Unvaccinated people are about 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19 than those who are fully vaccinated, according to a study released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention."
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