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  1. I'm 340 pages into drawing of the three so far been a good read though feel this series will be interesting series but not a favourite. Queen of fire and kings of ash will be read also Will definitely watch some NFL also at 6pm Irish time.
  2. Tomorrow war on Amazon. 3 out of 5. Enjoyed it a bit and liked the idea. Based on a 250 page sci-fi book so might give it a read because it's probably better.
  3. First time to read Mark Lawrence and Crichton so looking forward to it. Also got the 2nd and 3rd Riyria revelation books by Michael J Sullivan.
  4. On the last 100 pages of Stormlight archive Oathbringer and its been a struggle. Also on page 550 of Blood Song and its been enjoyable ;has lot elements I like in my fantasy.
  5. Haven't read anything by Anthony Ryan so look forward to reading it and hearing everyone's thoughts .
  6. Actually on the second last season. Get confused with all these season 6 part 1 and two. Lot of people jumped off it after that character died and don't blame them. I still enjoy it though does feel like its dragging but big fan of anything Vikings related whether books, movies or TV. Trying to watch Dark on Netflix but definitely a show you need to pay attention with so hoping to see if it lives up to the hype.
  7. Started watching Bloodline on Netflix after scrolling looking through Netflix for a bit. Three episodes in and it's not bad. Big fan of Friday night lights so good to see Kyle Chandler again. A lot of episodes in the first series which find odd as feels like 8 episode series. On Amazon started watching Buffy and last season of Vikings.
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