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  1. Oct 30 works for me. It's National Candy Corn Day!
  2. I'm glad this is in October. I should be able join the buddy read! Both meetups on the same day works for me.
  3. It doesn't look like I'm going to be available that weekend (Sept 25-26).
  4. https://streamyard.com/emnug9qys3
  5. This show caught my eye, so I would like to join in. I've not hosted before, but I'm willing to give it a shot if no one objects.
  6. That a reasonable reason to keep them private. I do think the benefits outweigh the negatives. If there is someone whose video I've commented on and am not subscribed to, it is an oversight on my part. It's happened several times now, and hopefully I've caught all of them.
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