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  1. I get a lil excited talking about music..curious if you ever listened to those songs?
  2. I like Drew Estate. Before I really got into cigars, I liked the Kuba Kuba and the Tabak, but I don't care too much for the infused stuff anymore. I will look for the MUWAT next time I hit up the cigar store and give it a go. The description on cigars international sounds like I'd enjoy it.
  3. Panthers won!! Our defense looks real gooooood
  4. That 9 second stun is still bullshit.
  5. I'm always happy to recommend songs, so just let me know. I will tell you a lil about Opeth. They are a pretty interesting band with several different sounds. Early on they were very death metal, but most albums still had one or two tracks that were either instrumental or almost kind of folksy. Most tracks include a mixture of clean and growling vocals. There is even an album that is only acoustic (Damnation) with clean vocals. Their newer albums do not have the growling vocals either. Their diverse sound and each song being a bit of a roller-coaster is why I enjoy them so much. I would recommend the songs Harlequin Forest and Bleak. If you check them out, let me know whatcha think.
  6. What are some of your go-to stogies?
  7. Ok, so... definitely interested in learning y'alls musical taste. As a musician... I'm kind of all over the place and go through phases sometimes. So, I'm mostly a metal guy. Some favorites are: Opeth, Be'Lakor, Swallow the Sun, Omnium Gatherum, Jinjer, Lamb of God, Necrophagist, Ghost. In the less extreme rock/metal genre... pretty much all classic rock (Boston is a fave) and the 90's grunge era (Alice in Chains). Also into the NuMetal type stuff and other genres from the 2000's: Chevelle, Sevendust, Drowning Pool, etc. On the flip side... I hit a bit of a rough patch in life about 10 yrs ago and got into reggae. Some favorites: Stick Figure, The Movement, Slightly Stoopid, Fortunate Youth, Rebelution, John Browns Body, 10 Foot Ganja Plant, and Eek-a-mouse. So, right now.. I've been listening to mostly Be'Lakor because I recently discovered them and they have a new album dropping real soon. Most of my friends aren't into the metal, so when I have company is usually a mix of grunge & reggae on the playlist.
  8. If you like the maduros/oscuros... you'll be very happy with the Espada Oscuro. Not quite as pricey as the Cohibas, but better imo.
  9. Friday was a Monte Cristo Espada Oscuro, one of my favorites. Yesterday I had a Cohiba Black. Lucifer isn't too bad. Every once and awhile you'll get a string of episodes that will almost bore you to quit, but then some bomb shell will drop to lure you back in. I have trouble finding series that keep me intrigued. I'm slowly watching His Dark Materials too.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes. Everyone knows Hibs rule.... we're one with nature. Nature gives us beer, liquor, herbs... the party is in Hibernia I remember you too, Brandie! My sister's name is Brandy, made it easier to remember you and Steve.
  11. Friday after work was grillin & chillin, followed by a nice lil fire to relax beside whilst puffin my cigar... until I heard a pack of coyotes howling. Then it was playing Bloodborne. Lasr night, went to buddy's place for more grillin (technically smoking... low n slow) and playin some music. Then home to watch Lucifer, season 6. Today, cooked up a nice big breakfast for me m my grandpa, waiting on the Panther game at 1pm. Hope everyone's had a great weekend!
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