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  1. JesGolbez

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    My wife and I both enjoyed it (and she's not usually into FPS/open-world type games), and will likely get the sequel. That said, I don't remember much about the game any more, other than using traps was a must versus some nasty foes.
  2. Yeah, I was off of theatres for a long time. I like being able to take a bathroom break when I want, and not deal with other people. That said, theatres can succeed out there. the VIP experience (low # of seats, being able to buy booze) will work great. I know some movies are worth seeing on a big screen.
  3. I've been off of Magic the past while...not being able to play with our playgroup has hurt a lot, and I did not like Kaldheim at all for limited. WOTC has toned down power creep, but now almost every card reads like a novel, even commons. WOTC seems scared of printing vanilla/french vanilla creatures, and it's a bit exhausting. I play a bit of casual standard online, but Eldraine (a mistake) ruins it. Yay, another Bonecrusher Giant... Once we can play in paper again, I'm sure I'll be into it. Strixhaven... not really into the High School Magic Tropes... some cool cards, though, and we enjoyed our little sealed. The mystical archives really add something surprising, and I did pull a Portal Wrath of God in one pack from "The List" Got Aurian good with that How about you? Playing any online?
  4. Aurian and I bought a box of Strixhaven and had our mini-sealed games versus each other. Did some garden work, sleeping, cleaning up...the usual
  5. Social media damages all mental health, especially the toxic swamp of Twitter, or the echo chambers of Facebook.
  6. hahaha oh gawd. I am waiting for at least the next patch to give it another go...
  7. Giving Hades a go. Aurian loved it, and it's pretty easy to get into.
  8. JesGolbez


    Geez, 90 hours is short now? I realize I spent well over 100 hours on various Fallouts, but still... 90 hours is a lot of game. Remember when RPGs were like 30 hours?
  9. JesGolbez

    Pioneer Finance

    Oh, we picked and chose the decent $ ones and used a LGS buylist.
  10. JesGolbez

    Pioneer Finance

    With no real paper magic these days, I haven't kept track of too many prices. As it is, we have so many cards and we ended up selling some back to our LGS.
  11. Congrats on the 'recovery' Dunnar
  12. This year has gone by fast... work, eat, sleep, walk dog..repeat
  13. I have the PS4 version. Played about 5 hours, got 2 crashes and it was running choppy. I enjoyed what I played, but I am going to wait until Feb/March and see how well patched up it is. In the meantime, I got Paper Mario: Origami to play while the wife plays the new Assassin's Creed.
  14. @Aurian and I actually booted up Star Trek: the Next Generation and are watching the first season. 4 episodes in...yeah, it was campy. Surprisingly, the special effects actually hold up well since they relied on models and not CGI.
  15. I have been embroiled in some stressful payroll stuff at work, so I haven't had a chance to enjoy the spoilers nearly as much.
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