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  1. This is a solid Boros Walkers list. It should perform well.
  2. 1) Definitely spread out releases of products more. This would allow for "spoiler season" to be longer and build up more excitement and chances for more content creators in the MTG community to get more opportunities to have some of the spotlight. 2) I completely agree that the same creators are getting all of the attention and a lot of great content creators are getting overlooked. I definitely agree that Wizards needs to dig deeper in promoting their community, especially since we know that Wizards watches things pretty closely online. 3) Power creep is definitely an issue. Smuggler's Copter is way too good, no doubt about that. A lot of cards printed for Commander definitely are very powerful too, and I agree some of those cards are taking over the kitchen table scene in ways that Wizards probably never intended. 4) Reprints are fine, but they need to be printed strategically, like in the Conspiracy sets. I appreciate the idea of Masters sets, but they get too expensive for the common players to get sealed, and availability is so limited. 5) I like the idea of a Magic movie and I appreciate how much they have been trying to make the storyline more accessible, but yeah, the Gatewatch is getting a little stale already. Definitely I think it's a good idea to give characters spotlights and not just lump them together in the "Jace"-tice League as people have been saying.
  3. I find it amazing that Ob Nixilis Reignited is still being bought by stores at close to retail price when this deck is coming out! Probably the two best walkers we've seen in a Duel Deck for awhile. I really love Nissa and this is going to help a lot of players get her very easily. Crop Rotation is a good common reprint, too. Also, Abundance is like a $4 rare, so that's a nice bonus.
  4. Sorry you had such a bad experience at the second store. I wouldn't have bought anything from him with the attitude he had. The first one sounds awesome. They just want someone to have fun with the cards. My LGS back in Brockton, MA sold bulk commons for 10 cents and uncommons for 25 cents. If you found something that was actually worth a dollar or two, he just gave it to you for that price! A few times he gave me free cards for finding a few cards that should have been in binders. That's the best kind of LGS!
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