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  1. I feel bad because i kinda have dipped out om the site. I could have just uploadef content and NOT been active on the site. But, i wanted to be fair and not just use this site as just a platform to just upload my stuff. Being a part of now a discord group, instagram, and trying to be heavily involved on twitter my time is extra slim outside of those things. Not to mention keeping up with my stream schedule now(3-4 days a week). I will retweet this as i do feel its an awesome platform. I just wish i had more time to be on it!
  2. I think i might be the only mtg player here that doesn't care about lands hahaha. Don't get me wrong i appreciate the artwork. But, i really dont care what i use as long as my decks done. I more anticipate a play test more than anything. Thats just me though.
  3. Thats exactly why i said it was a double edged sword answer. I completely get it that not everyone has an lgs. Its just i feel maybe they should somehow track what cities have an lgs and which ones dont. And the ones that do they should limit the amount of stuff being sold at big box stores. Then the cities that dont have one should get whatever at the big stores. Thats just my thoughts though.
  4. I know this is a double edge sword answer. But i feel big box stores shouldnt even have wizards stuff. I mean an lgs needs obviously a brick and mortar PLUS needs proof that they have enough space for events. Big box stores dont hold events, so why are they allowed to sell mtg? I understand not everyone has an lgs which is probably how big bix got involved. I just dont get it as it hurts lgs to some degree.
  5. I think persistance is key. The last reboot of my channel(4-5 months ago) i have found a lot of success. Being involved with not only subscribers, but other creators as well. Sharing ideas with each other and collaborating will help as well. If you ever want help on my end let me know! Like i tell people im an open book, and i definitely have no issues working with anyone. No matter the size of the other person involved. I just like talking mtg. I dont know everything by any stretch, but i love talking about what i do know.
  6. Yes and no. I sideboard for my more competitive decks. But, sometimes i play those decks if i dont have a budget deck built. So i dont try to directly sideboard for kitchen play.
  7. Thats all i get to do anymore outside of mtgo.i love it and prefer it, but with everyones schedules i only get to play paper once a month.
  8. This is why i prefer tiny leaders ove traditional commander. Faster and less cards.
  9. I think it is all in perception, especially in the mtg community. We are a vast group, but nowhere near as big as like say video game streaming and such. I think anything over 1k is solid for me personally. I hope to reach that goal some day.
  10. I always look at it as if you are good enough, you will build around the bans. No biggie to me personally, as im running either vamps or merfolk.
  11. I like that, im gonna have to test it out!
  12. Not to sound like I'm backing them by any stretch. But, how many accounts do you think have pennies on their accounts? That's probably in my opinion why they are doing this. It probably costs them a lot just to hold all that info, and it makes no sense to. They also look at it as people come and go on youtube. There's probably a crap load of dead accounts with 20 bucks or less on them. Just means I gotta step my game up!
  13. I will throw in some change this friday. How much im not sure, but itll be at least 10 bucks.
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