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  1. Awww yeah that’s a bummer we will miss you for sure! I always look forward to what you have to say! Hopefully we can pick your brain in the chat!
  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you are reading Dracula!! I listened on audible as a read, they have a version that is an audible exclusive so it's included. . I may have mentioned that already haha, but I just really liked it! Here is our meetup for the Dracula discussion:
  3. Just Witch Please and Unloved. I heard Mexican Gothic is a little too. But depending how scared I get, I may have to sprinkle in a little more love.
  4. Oooh, I want to read Birthday Treat!
  5. I was thinking if I need a back up horror story, I will try to read My Heart is a Chainsaw. That's horror right?!
  6. I just finished Sword of Kaigen and it was awesome!! I can't wait to chat about it!
  7. So excited to have a buddy for Mexican Gothic!!
  8. It's a big one but here goes: The Shining- Stephen King Doctor Sleep-Stephen King Scratches- Joshua Marsella Severed- Joshua Marsella Wastelands- Stephen King Dracula- Bram Stoker House of Leaves- Mark C. Danielewski Mexican Gothic- Silvia Moreno-Garcia Crossroads- Laurel High Tower Longreave- Daniel Barnett Shade- Chad Nicholas (DNF) Witch Please- Ann Aguire The Last Wish- Andrzej Sapkowski Unloved - Katy Regnery And hopefully by some miracle I want to get to Royal Assassin- Robin Hobb I was able to read 11 books in September and since a lot of these are short reads I think I might be able to do it. We shall see!
  9. Sorry it has been a hectic month but @Lasraik and I are going to figure it out as soon as possible
  10. I’m in!! I will be watching the shining for sure! I want to watch another Stephen King too! Maybe the original Pet Semetary, Carrie, or Cujo?
  11. I remember you too!!! My main On DAOC was Annian! Glad you found us!! Welcome!!
  12. Finish Queen of Fire, play cards, eat frito pie, and read! Crazy week ahead, my kids start Science Olympiad which is a crazy time suck....but totally worth it!
  13. Hey All! I think it is my turn to pick the movie of the month! I am going back and forth between The Little Things and Stand by Me. @Lasraik has never seen Stand by Me! I think it's time for him to watch it! What do you all think... See Poll Also how does September 26th sound for a discussion? What times work for you all that day?
  14. That sounds good to me !
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