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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open some more BBD booster packs and get a big hit for our Patreon Build-a-Pack Box! What did we pull? Only one way to find out! https://youtu.be/GhR7bZpqt7M
  2. Hey everyone! In this video, we crack open some packs of BBD and add to our Patreon Build-a-Pack box. Can we do as well as we did with our Patron packs??? https://youtu.be/rQJe-6ZQXy4
  3. Did anybody do Battlebond events this weekend? @Aurian and I did one yesterday... they gave us 6 packs EACH, which made it even tougher, really, since we had too many choices and cards to go through We managed to go 2-1 and make a pretty good team. Not many bombs, but good synergies. I went with a R/B build with tonnes of removal and a warrior subtheme. I had 3 of the rummage warriors, which helped smooth out our draws, and I was basically taking care of most opponent dudes. Aurian originally went with blue-white, but switch and added in more green when it was obvious we needed more power after our Round 1 loss. We got rekt by the enchantment that gives a creature +2/+2 and also gives all non-demons -2/-2...:(
  4. Hey everyone! In today's video, we crack open a booster box of BBD for one of our Patrons, Marcus Mills (aka Exotic MTG) and just like the last box we opened for him, we pulled straight fire! You gotta watch this! https://youtu.be/udIt_GhLLUE
  5. This set has gotten very little attention since WOTC wanted Dominaria to have the spotlight. Basically, it's a set designed for two-headed giant play, but can also be played/drafted normally. We had the land spoilers, but here are some cheeky partnering spoilers.
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