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Found 12 results

  1. All I can say is holy crap! It's been over a year since i was last here, i guess i forgot about it sine i started working way back then. but i want help with my golgari commander deck. i think it could use some better cards and i'd like a combo play or two in there as well. a combo to win play, that is. are there any good plays i could have with my deck as it currently is though? i mean, the whole point is to call jarad out, use bonehoard, and then use jarad to sacrifice the germ token and kill everyone at the same time. but for that there needs to be creatures in everyone's graveyards, and that's what i'm having troubles with. this deck just seems a bit slow and unable to generate any kind of advantage in playing against 3+ people. commander jarad, golgari lich lord deck creatures carnifex demon archfiend of ifner scourge of nel toth basilica screecher generous stray herald of torment grave titan gatecreeper vine izoni, thousand-eyed rhizome lurcher abhorrent overlord mindwrack demon risen executioner bontu the glorified swarm guildmage rhox festering mummy cemetery reaper abyssal persecutor cryptbreaker drainpipe vermin midnight banshee kraul swarm kothophed, soul hoarder (self-death is very easy with this card lol) tormented soul daggerdrome imp servant of nefarox molderhulk eater of hope deathbringer regent sedge scorpion kalastria highborn slimefoot, the stowaway necroplasm farhaven elf eternal witness archfiend of depravity korozda guildmage planeswalkers liliana of the dark realms vraska the unseen instants doom blade cremate gift of strength splendid agony wretched confluence crypt incursion (has saved me from death a few times but still lost :P) fog scarab feast artifacts spellbook chromatic lantern sol ring elbrus, the binding blade bonehoard sorceries profane command prey upon jarad's orders diabolic tutor commune with the gods enchantments feral invocation bad moon palace siege grave betrayal cartouche of strength non basic lands golgari rot farm rupture spire golgari guildgate foul orchard basic lands swamp x17 forest x15
  2. There are so many great cards in the game of Magic, and I don't always get a chance to play many of them. So, I designed THREE different decks to 'borrow' my friends' cards and play with them, myself Grand Theft Auto - The original deck borrows/threatens creatures on the battlefield and smacks the opponents with their own dudes Grand Theft Auto 2 - This deck borrows creatures from opponents' graveyards and beats them with their own dudes Grand Theft Auto 3 - Borrows cards from the opponents libraries (usually the top) and beats them with their own stuff. *cackle* This decklist is for GTA2, and it is 2.1 because I rebuilt it to be more streamlined and mono-black. Here is a visual list. I wish it showed up better... The idea is to use hand disruption and removal to fill the opponents graveyard, and then borrow their cool cards
  3. When I first saw the card Mizzix's Mastery spoiled in an older Commander set, I instantly fell in love. Here is the decklist: https://deckbox.org/sets/2085634 So much value! So much Johnny potential. Of course, I don't build many combo decks these days, and I didn't really want to build an EDH deck around it. It took awhile, but a fairly recent card gave me the inspiration to make the deck. By filling the graveyard with a load of burn spells, the idea is to overload the Mastery and throw a bunch of burning pies into the opponent's face. Inferno Jet did both, with the cheap cycling cost, and the ability to do more than 1/4 of an opponent's life total in damage at once. Using loot effects, the deck aims to stack the graveyards, all the meanwhile using burn to keep the board clear of too many threats. The deck is a glass cannon, but I've had some last-turn wins out of nowhere. ...32 damage? I guess that's game
  4. I know @Lasraik was curious about a pauper foghat deck (slow ride...) Decklist: https://deckbox.org/sets/1795009 This is a fairly basic mill deck with some fog-like backups... it does well for me in my casual meta, but I'm not sure how it would do in an actual pauper tournament. A lot of pretty good mill cards at common, over the years. The deck utilizes Jace's Erasure as a constant drip of mill... add Brainstorm and you can quickly mill 3 while doing some card selection. I am considering putting in an Evolving Wilds or two to take actual advantage of the card... A few weird singletons in the deck, just because...
  5. Alright, In the spirit of one of my posts about sharing decklists, I'm trying to get better. I really like this deck and how it plays. I listened to a podcast and heard 'mill isn't a thing,' and thought, 'challenge accepted.' This is what I came up with. I can tell you this; game 1 (unless you draw dead against aggro) is hilarious. The look you get is not shock, or anger, or disbelief from most people. It's pure confusion - and it's beautiful. Check it out: Modern Teferi Mill Name Type Cost CMC QTY Thirst for Knowledge Instant 2U 3 3 Riddlesmith Creature 1U 2 2 Chasm Skulker Creature 2U 3 4 Sphinx's Tutelage Enchantment 2U 3 4 Teferi's Puzzle Box Artifact 4 4 4 Counterspell Instant UU 2 4 Spreading Seas Enchantment 1U 2 1 Engulf the Shore Instant 3U 4 3 Jace's Archivist Creature 1UU 3 3 Darksteel Relic Artifact 0 0 4 Ensoul Artifact Enchantment 1U 2 4 Island Land 24 Now, obviously the counterspell has to come out. The decklist is old and I built it before I realized it was modern-illegal. I put mana leak in and it works ok. Little slower and requires a little more planning, but it does the job (except against established Tron). So, the way the deck works; Ideally what you want to do is get Sphinx's Tutelage down and immediately curve into Teferi's Puzzle box. This creates a real problem for your opponent, both strategically and mentally. The rest of the deck is designed to do 2 things; either stall or bluff. Chasm Skulker is basically a hard finish, and darksteel relic/ensoul artifact is the bluff. It's tough to deal with and buys you time. Sideboard largely depends on your meta. Interested to know thoughts/suggestions. M
  6. I just finally finished putting together a white weenes/tokens deck I've been working on for awhile. There are a few online decklists with some similarities, but here is my spin on a White Weenies/Tokens deck. Gameplan: Swarm the board with a bunch of tokens and launch an attack with a pumped-up army. CREATURES: Selfless Cathar - a 1-of, but can pump a whole team Doomed Traveler - Turns into a spirit. Thraben Inspector - Amazing 1-drop that allows me to draw a card later when I am flooding out or have no other plays. Topan Freeblade - A very good 2-drop that can grow into a 3/3 if not blocked. I've been wanting to test this out in a pauper build of some sort. CREATURE MAKERS: The MEAT of the deck, these 4 token makers are where I make my army and go wide. The only change I want to make is to find a fourth Triplicate Spirits and swap out a Spectral Reserves. PUMPERS: There are 12 pump spells that turn an army of weenies into a potent alpha-strikes. The idea is to get 5+ creatures on the board and swing in with 1-2 pump spells. Guardian's Pledge is amazing in this deck, and Ethereal Guidance, while only a sorcery, still gets the job done. 2 Secluded Steppes can be cycled away if the draw is land-heavy. I've only goldfished with the deck thus far, but it is capable of some really swingy turns. I just have to hope my opponents don't counter the pumps or have any sweepers
  7. Looking for an aggressive deck that can just win out of the blue? How about Heroic Red? https://deckbox.org/sets/1661479 With no card over 2CMC, this deck is fast and low to the ground. Either go wide and aggressive, or build up the Voltron and win with a massive Temur Battle Rage! CREATURES: The Akroan Crusaders, Satyr Hoplites, and Kiln Fiends are the key creatures in the deck, since you want to really build around those for your strategy. Nyxborn Rollickers are meant as enchantments, and the other 3 creatures help the aggression, too. Souleater can get 'free' pumps, which is a big plus. SPELLS: My favourite way to win is to load up on the power and trample with a battle rage. If you go wide with tokens or dudes, you can sneak in lots of damage with cheap pump spells. Some slower spells for pumping, and a little bit of removal. I love how Dragon Mantle cycles itself. Furor of the Bitten is also a pretty strong boost.
  8. As part of building my big box of casual pauper decks, I put together a mostly-Kaladesh blue-black Improvise deck. It's a pretty simple premise that mostly builds itself. https://deckbox.org/sets/1657645 CREATURES: Gearseeker Serpent and the Inventor are the big payoffs for having artifacts, and the Aether Swoopers (I own only 3) and Poisoners help get some more servos. Dhund Operative is a great 2-drop that can take out bigger stuff. ARTIFACTS: The Inventor Goggle's is a key card that gets a free auto-equip to the artificers. The others give me some card draw and help with the improvising. TRICKS: Some removal and other tricks to try out. Rush of Vitality is a great limited card, and will help save my dudes and gain some life. Dragon Shadow is an old common that will work well with my beefier creatures. I just put this together, but it looks like it'll be fun and easy to play.
  9. I've always loved Genesis Chamber, I've tried to make a deck with it and Blood Seeker but didn't really work out. Trying it again with Virulent Plague. Edit: Updated list Creatures: Blood Artist x4 Zulaport Cutthroat x4 Royal Assassin x4 Rathi Trapper x4 Blood Seeker x3 Disciple of the Vault x2 Malakir Cullblade x2 Falkenrath Noble x2 Nettling Imp x2 Deathgreeter x2 Bloodbound Vampire x1 Enchantments: Virulent Plague x4 Grave Betrayal x1 Dictate of Erebos x1 Vampiric Rites x1 Shadows of the Past x1 Retreat to Hagra x1 Instants: Murder x1 Artifacts: Genesis Chamber x4 Lands: Swamps x18
  10. This is a white enchantment creature/heroic pauper deck that has done pretty well in my playgroup: Creatures: Nyxborn Shieldmate x4 Lagonna-Band Trailblazer x4 Akroan Skyguard x4 Hopeful Eidolon x3 Setessan Battle Priest x2 Wingsteed Rider x1 Yoked Ox x1 Calvary Pegasus x1 Spells: Divine Favor x4 Gods Willing x4 Holy Strength x3 Lifelink x2 Swift Justice x2 Chosen by Heliod x2 Pacifism x1 Ajani's Presence x1 Stave Off x1 Lands: Plains x20
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