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Found 30 results

  1. Well, we finally get some official Christmas spoilage BUY-A-BOX PROMO PLANESWALKERS RETURN
  2. The new Faerie Planeswalker, OKO https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurenorsini/2019/08/28/exclusive-meet-oko-the-magic-the-gathering-multiverses-newest-planeswalker/#1c75d9471b1a No card spoiler, more story stuff
  3. No, not Uma Thurman (giggity), but … Ultimate Masters!!! (really? Ultimate Masters? Who names these things? 12-year olds?) https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcing-ultimate-masters-2018-11-05 It seems that Ultimate Masters will be the last premium/Masters for some time. I wonder how they will get cards into eternal formats, otherwise... ------------------------ Release Date: December 7, 2018 254 Cards 24 packs per box 15-card booster packs, one premium foil per pack One Ultimate Box Topper per box MSRP*: $335.76 per box; $34.99 per 3-pack blisterpack (*MSRP applies to United States only) Supplies are limited ------------------------------------------------- Yup. WOTC heard all of the feedback about previous Masters sets being too expensive … and COMPLETLY IGNORED IT! Womp womp. Each box will have one of these amazing full-art/frame foilies, so the rich will get richer (the 'box-topper). Admittedly, they do look beautiful. I really hope they don’t hold back and make the set full of actual value. Not just mythics, but rares, uncommons, and even commons. Draft? Meh, make it worth our damn while. They spoiled Kitchen Finks and Eternal Witness at uncommon, so it’s a start! I might be able to draft this once, but I doubt I’ll be getting much of it.
  4. So, the set is spoiled fully now, and quite early: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/card-image-gallery/guilds-ravnica-2018-09-19?n I guess this is due to the LRR having their pre-pre-prerelease today.
  5. So, Official spoiler season is almost upon us, and Wizards seems to have helped us along by they themselves leaking the Guilds of Ravnica buy a box promo! I've done a couple videos on Ravnica so far, but was wondering what everyone else thinks is coming in the new set? If Convoke is returning, for example, what else are we likely to see as guild-distinct keywords? I'd propose that dredge and transmute, while sweet mechanics, are probably too busted/powerful for standard, so Dimir and Golgari will probably get something new. What about Izzet? Both replicate and overload seem fine as mechanics, not necessarily unbalanced as long as they're costed appropriately. Boros abilities are meh with Radiance and Battalion, but if I had to guess, Battalion is more likely to return. What about card cycles? The guildhomes from original Ravnica always seemed pretty cool. I'd love to see a legendary spell land cycle to go along with the guilds.
  6. Well, lots of spoilers today. I know Core Sets are usually blah, but a necessary evil for Competitive Magic. Vivien Reid - Probably the most boring Planeswalker printed of all time, for a variety of reasons. This looks like some intro pack BS Some awesome cards in black. Demon is pretty potent, especially if you have expandable tokens. Gravewalker will be a casual/EDH powerhourse. a 1/2 flyer at common for white...nice
  7. This set has gotten very little attention since WOTC wanted Dominaria to have the spotlight. Basically, it's a set designed for two-headed giant play, but can also be played/drafted normally. We had the land spoilers, but here are some cheeky partnering spoilers.
  8. Here we go! Hexproof FROM. I much prefer this than generic hexproof, and it is sort of like 'protection from'. I approve KICKER is back "Historic" is a thing... feels kind of forced. Another Saga...ummm... weird HOLY NUTS!!!! BELOW CARDS ARE FROM DUEL DECK: ELVES VS. NERDS
  9. Anybody else going to draft/buy a bit of the new un-set, Unstable? I plan to draft it once, and I do see a few cool cards I could see sliding into casual decks. The contraptions are weird, and I still don't have my head wrapped around them.. This + Tokens = card draw machine gun? Attack with this and get...Blightsteel Colossus? It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN!!! Holy crap! This is bloody powerful Hmm, which broken card shall I fetch? What pack would be best to bring?
  10. So, we're starting to see the official spoilers start for Masters 25, after the few we got before. OF course, given that these sell at $10+ a pack, which seems baffling if they WANT PEOPLE TO DRAFT THIS STUFF, I doubt I'll buy 3 packs, if even that. Still, I am most excited about any downshifts to common for pauper. Lots of upshifting to mythic to sell packs...and we already see a few baffling choices for rares and mythics... ugh The spoilers thus far. Currently $250, and upshifted from uncommon to MYTHIC for $$$$$$ Another upshift, although this would be miserable to play against in Limited if at rare.. At least they kept this at rare...and the watermark... so beautiful and fitting Wow, this is now common? LULz... Powerful awesome angels, but kind of duds at MYTHIC... not worth $...
  11. No spoilers ahead in my post. Sad news as it seems that the Chinese release notes got leaked, which included many cards. Again, WOTC just can't control their IP, and the translators have been busy spoiling the cards all over the interwebs Sigh.. This is WOTC acknowledging the leaks, but not giving any leaked info (yet) https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/dominaria-leak-2018-03-08
  12. A couple of spoilers for the spring set... promos, mainly, but here they are Silvergill Adept is a great reprint... Ghalta? Big dumb beater...
  13. So, WOTC released some product information and the various promos for the Pirates vs. Dinosaurs set we're getting 1. Unclaimed Territory is a great budget card for tribal decks, for those who don't want to plonk down $50 for Cavern of Souls 2. Bishop of Rebirth = Mini Sun Titan 3. Burning Sun's Avatar is a nice big Flametongue Kavu 4. Walk the Plank = Flavour win!
  14. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers, Check out my five favourite spoiled Dinosaurs from the upcoming set, Ixalan! https://genericbadmtg.wordpress.com/2017/09/08/ixalan-spoilers-dinosaurs-that-is-all/ Did I mention Ballista too much? Let me know your feedback! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  15. I am surprised nobody here seems to be talking about this stuff... even though I am not a huge EDH player, I still love the casual goodies. Today's gift? A card that goes infinite with the new Locust God
  16. Wow, 3 spoilers out of the blue, and all of them really potent Samut, the Keyworded, is now a Planeswalker, and she has even more words! WORDS! Play this with some trample creatures and keep bashing in. A THREE MANA WRATH! WOT! It does Time Walk you, but a three mana wrath ... goddamn... I can imagine using this with some storage lands or mana rocks, and negate the downside. Oh, and I love the image of a big Crocodile rampaging over the plebs and...lastly DADDY'S BACK! Stop, I can only get so erect! Four abilities, and all of them nasty and painful. Also, he's one mana cheaper than he was before...right into my Molasses Bolasses deck!
  17. Hello My Fellow Planeswalkers! Another post is now live at https://genericbadmtg.wordpress.com/2017/06/27/hour-of-devastation-spoilers-a-third-instalment/ Please check it out and let me know what you think! Yours, GenericBadMagic
  18. I saw these on reddit and Facebook... possible Ixalan spoilers.
  19. Yo dawg! I heard you like announcements, so we'll give you an announcement about your announcements! http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/news/announcement-week-coming-2017-06-08 Many of you have been eagerly anticipating the exact date of our next Announcement Day, and we've been a bit cagey about it for a while. And the reason we've been so cagey is that it's more of an Announcement Week. Here's what's happening: every day next week through Friday at Grand Prix Las Vegas, we'll have some kind of major news or announcement. On Monday, Mark Rosewater will discuss a slate of changes we'll be making to our sets going forward. You won't want to miss this one! On Tuesday, we'll have two items you should pay attention to—one is about our Magic digital offerings coming up and the other is the banned and restricted announcement that was originally scheduled for June 14. We are moving the B&R announcement up because Wednesday is going to be what you would traditionally think of as Announcement Day, where we announce a ton of upcoming new products and worlds. Since we're focusing on everything we're putting out for our 25th anniversary next year, we want to give this announcement its own day for you to discuss, dissect, and dive into. ----------- This big Rosewater announcement has been teased before, and I wonder what kind of major announcement it will be. A return of the Core Set? A return to 3-set blocks? Obviously, WOTC has really dropped the ball on Standard lately, so maybe this will address that. Also, B&R Announcement? Would they really ban Aetherworks Marvel? I mean, it is everywhere in Standard, but it's not oppressive, necessarily. If WOTC keeps banning stuff in Standard, what is the use of investing in a deck? Anyway, lots of news next week.
  20. Woohoo! Time for some more goodies from the upcoming set 1. Liliana, Death Weilder - 5BB +2: Put a -1/-1 counter on up to one target creature -3: Destroy target creature with a -1/-1 counter on it -10: Return all creature cards from your graveyard to the battlefield No loyalty visible. (I am guessing this is the Planeswalker Pack version) 2. MUMMIES! Yeah, but they are Zombies ... 3. Special Punch Card Some free tokens, but also some new mechanics - Bricks, Exerted, and Embalmed... and.. a zipper? 4. CYCLING! It's back, and this is a damn powerful card! 5. She's a BRICK HOUSE! This can be abused 6. PROMOS AND MECHANICS It seems Embalm is sort of like Unearth, but you create a token and exile the card, itself.
  21. Well, I never thought I'd see the day DAMNATION was re-printed, and at rare(!). Enemy Fetches, to flood the market and Restoration Angel, as 1/2 of the combo.
  22. Yep, we can't get enough new products This go-around of Commander is based around 4-colour commanders and 4-colour decks Landcycling - Because you need to fix PARTNER - Already one of my least favourite mechanics at all time. Now players get 2 bloody commanders? as if the format wasn't goofy enough UNDAUNTED - Makes things more powerful with more players
  23. Seems like we just had a spoiler thread for Eldritch Moon and Conspiracy 2, but here we are again:
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