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TV and Curtains complete

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Think i might have posted some time back that i wanted a bigger 4k TV to replace my 10 year old and still rather fabulous 55" LG OLED. Problem was, you couldn't reach the curtains to close them. The solution? Alexa curtains. 


Installed the curtains over the past week. It tooksand age to get it right as the track supplied is straight  and you then buy bends, but the bends are a specific 135 degree angle, and my bay windows aren't made of 135 degree bends. My curtains also have a pelmet, which is an upside down narrow channel that the track needed to fit into. Anyway, i finally manage to get it to fit. There are a few manufacturers of these type of tracks, the one i bought was HC, which i can recommend for quality and support.

The curtain track went in on Saturday and the TV went in on Sunday. I went for a 65" LG OLED CX series. There was a deal with a reputable high street store, which included one of few 5 year warranties (at extra cost) that includes screen burn, dead pixels. and accidental damage. Still working through the finer points of setting up. Having some trouble playing 4K HDR 5.1 and 7.1 movies, using Xbox Series X plex client.


For your delectation, fnd the awesomeness that is Alexa controlled curtain... Duh, da, duuuuuuuh.

p.s. the TV is the old 55". Not the new one.



May the Force Live Long and Prosper.

Cynical Optimist

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