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Remaining 2021 Buddy Read & Discussion Schedule Breakdown

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I think it might help having a post here that is updated periodically of our remaining 2021 schedule.  So I'll add all the information for each book, movie, meetup ect. as the events are created. 

FYI This list does NOT include any group reads or buddy reads that started before August 2021


For a full breakdown of the Dark Tower Group Read:






Book of the month:  Mirrors Truth




Katla Discussion:




Random Buddy Read: River of Thieves


Movie of the Month: Nobody

Date/time TBA




The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger




Ash and Sand trilogy - Kings of Paradise Discussion





Book of the Month: The Dark That Dwells (Date and time TBD)




The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three Discussion:




Random Buddy Read: The Sword of Kaigen (Date and time TBD)





Iconoclasts Group Read: Aching God Discussion (Date and time TBD)




Ash and Sand trilogy: Kings of Ash Discussion:



Movie of the Month: TBD



Book of the Month: House of Leaves



Ash and Sand trilogy: Kings of Heaven Discussion:




The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands Discussion



Random Buddy Read: Between Two Fires Discussion With Author Christopher Buehlman (Date and time TBD)


Movie of the Month: TBD



Book of the Month: Dead Mountain - The Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident (Date and time TBD)




Random Buddy Read: The Unbroken (Date and time TBD)




Ash and Sand - Dark Sea's End Discussion



The Dark Tower: The Wizard and Glass Discussion




Book of the Month:  Children: A Norse Mythology Retelling by Bjorn Larrsen




Random Buddy Read: The Three Scrooges by @Jeff Lane (Date and time TBD)




The Vampire Chronicles Group Read Begins: Interview With The Vampire (Date and time TBD)



Steve IRL

Reading: Gunmetal Gods

► Personal Links:  YouTube (booktube)OTBSteve YouTube (MTB and cycling) ●  Strava  ●  Last.fm  ●  GoodReads ● Vero


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